Procedure in the bookcase – 39 original bookends inspiration

Enter your bookshelf that certain something


Do you want to create a bit more order in your bookshelf? Yes, definitely everyone already knows the annoying problem with the toppling books at home. The proven bookends make the perfect tool. Fix your favorite readings in a very elegant and often witty manner. You can find online a large selection of bookends that match every taste and furnishing style. Many of these can also be easily customize as DIY projects. If you still do not trust it, then you can look around, for example, at Dawanda. As an additional source of inspiration for you can see our collection of 39 imaginative examples of bookends serve. Here almost everyone will find something – from very simple variations on richly decorated pieces to homemade bookends. As useful and decorative items at the same time, they are suitable as a gift that will not only appreciate bookworms.

Made of metal, stainless steel, wood, acrylic or felt the bookends can enroll in perfectly with the concrete means. Many of them are also very quick to eye-catchers and put a big smile on the faces of your guests. Naturally own to bookends not only alone for books, but also for your CD’s, DVD’s, wallets and even bigger folder. Therefore, these are to be used not only in your own home, but also in the office, for example.

Cool DIY idea for your bookshelf

bücherregal bücherstützen selber machen alte schallplatten

stick figures, animals, super heroes, favorite characters from blockbuster and much more is possible in terms of bookends. The fantasy is hardly a limit. Upcycling is of course also an issue. Old records, bricks, skateboards, toys that broken headphones and even the vice of the basement are welcome material for your DIY bookends that will bring an even greater personal touch to your home.

Cute bookends in minimalist style

bücherregal bücherstützen giraffe metall


Our undisputed favorites here are decorated with gold spray wooden animals and balloon dog in bright colors. Check out all our other bookends below if you like. And who knows, maybe you will find your own favorites in there.

Have fun and stay inspired!

Golden animals make as bookends itself

bücherstützen goldenes schwein

Colorful Balloon Dog wooden

bücherregal bücherstützen bunte ballonhunde

Oversized quotes in gold

bücherstützen goldene zitaten anführungsstriche

Old bulbs are also perfect to

bücherregal bücherstützen holz glühbirne

puzzling in 3D

bücherregal bücherstützen kopf menschenprofil 3d

The “flying” arrows are magnetic and stick to the hidden in the book metal plate

bücherregal bücherstützen rote fliegende pfeile

Have you somewhere an old vise are still in the basement?

bücherregal bücherstützen schraubstock metall holz

Karate stick figure

bücherstützen schwarz metall strichmännchen karate

DIY bookends with bicycle

bücherregal buchstützen blaues fahrrad holz

If you are a fan of Game of Thrones

buchstützen drachenfiguren

Holzfiguren shiny decorate

bücherregal buchstützen goldener bär holz

make bricks as bookends

bücherregal buchstützen selber machen ziegelsteine bemalen elche gold

The old headphones can also easily convert into Buchstürtze

buchstützen set headphone bookends diy idee

Sweet Fabric Owl

bücherregal buchstützen stoff eulen selber machen

Impressive bookends for true photo fanatics

bücherstützen alte fotokameras

Do not throw the broken Skatebord away!

bücherregal bücherstützen bookends skateboard

ornate white ceramic

bücherstützen hände weiße keramik

bücherregal bücherstützen katana schwert japanisch bücherstützen laufende männchen bücherstützen lego spiel figuren bücherregal bücherstützen mannfigur fallende bücher bücherregal bücherstützen schallplatten optik bücherstützen schwarze figuren zombi bücherregal bücherstützen schwarzer dakel

bücherregal buchstützen weiße keramik wal bücherregal bücherstützen selber machen soldaten figur bücherstützen superman originelle idee

bücherregal bücherstützen weißer schädel halloween dekoration bücherregal buchstützen anker messing holz buchstützen bunter hund blumenmuster

bücherregal buchstützen holz fuchs figuren

buchstützen holz schnitzerei afrikanische kunst figuren

buchstützen holz selber machen hasenfiguren bücherregal buchstützen selber machen roter roller motorrad bücherregal buchstützen star wars jabba palast

bücherstützen imperium soldaten star wars

buchstützen star wars

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