7 Tips For Creating An Anti-Stress Room

One of the reasons you can not sleep at night, and therefore you can not rest, it may be that your rooms are not properly decorated. An anti-stress room may be what you need.
anti-stress room

For many people the room is a real nest, a place where we should feel comfortable and safe to finally rest after a long day of work. There is nothing better than your own space. The problem is when this good feeling there, in your bedroom, and your lack of sleep, deteriorates. If all goes well with your health, it may be time to see if your room decor is to blame. Yes, a bright and Zen decor can help prevent sleep and rest problems and bring better dreams for your nights. Review the following suggestions for an anti-stress bedroom.

7 Tips for an Anti-stress Room

1. Give credit to neutral tones

The light and neutral colors are allied to improving the quality of sleep. They help reduce agitation. They are a safe option for your bedroom. The beige, ivory, white and gray, provide less stimulation, giving your room a sense of peace. These neutral colors are simple and work well with bedroom furniture and decor to create a comfortable space. But if you like color and do not want to give up, blue, yellow and green (all in light and soft tones) are also good options.

2. Remove things from sight and mind

Use the drawers on the bedside table and a chest of drawers to store items from your everyday life and let the pieces show you good memories. You can put them on the shelves, but be careful. Exaggeration can have the opposite effect: a messy room with unnecessary information and will hurt the process of emptying the mind.

3. Dim lighting

It can often be difficult to turn off the mind from minute to minute, and it is achieved only by erasing the only general source of illumination in the room. The ideal is to have a lamp on the bedside table and leave it on for several minutes while the transition to sleep is done. When the eyes begin to weigh, he turns off the lamp and sleeps soundly.

4. Take out the electronic

A chat with the WhatsApp group or see that movie in bed before bed, can give you hardly a chance to have a good night's sleep. Resist the temptation! The electronic devices, essential in the routine of daily life, end up leaving us anxious and agitated, everything that should not be in the time that we have to rest.

5. All hangs

The next day's clothes, the suit or even a piece that you used but you want to ventilate before returning it to the closet, can be hung on hooks in the room. Rooms full and disorganized , where you have everything thrown on the floor or furniture , is not a good idea at all, and cause visual pollution, and consciously or unconsciously you will be seeing a disorder that can cause you alteration. Install hooks in some corner, preferably outside your field of vision of the bed.

6. Beware of odors

That delicious perfume that you like and that you bought and you apply it in your room; Also that moisturizer that you use every day, you apply it in your bed, and what about the hair products that you leave impregnated in your pillow ... More than having all these aromas in your bed, it is advisable to keep them away. They are certainly exquisite smells, but mixing them all can be irritating and cause headaches. An aromatic candle or some relaxing essence goes better in that space that you are looking for to relax in order to sleep.

7. Add more warmth

A carpet, for example, can bring a new ambience to your room. Another element that can bring warmth and warmth, is an armchair. Choose a comfortable and warm color that is to your liking. These elements make your room a comfortable and tasty place to stay, so that you feel welcome when going to bed.

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