The Best Rustic Decor and Its Principles

The advantage of having a home decor with rustic style, unusual and original objects can give you an unbeatable pleasure, giving you a cozy feeling and the enthusiasm to feel more at home still, keeping part of the story in every detail. The rustic décor offers a full set of life, full of history and impregnated natural beauty.

rustic decor

On vacation, rustic environments are the most sought after, since they mark a break with urban life.

Rustic furniture and decoration

A good advice for decorating rustic style is to choose wood as the main material, since it has unique properties of stability, durability, color, elasticity, and permanence.

A rustic wooden furniture can be painted to enhance its rustic appearance, and this based on natural or soft colors. It can also be aged to give the impression that it is a piece of furniture inherited after several generations which gives a much more real aspect to our rustic style decoration.

The colors in the rustic style

The most frequent colors for tables and chairs in the rustic style are generally green, blue, light blue, among others. If the ceiling of the living room is high, wooden beams can be installed to give the impression that the ceiling is lower. You can also use a furniture made of wool fabrics, to complete the wooden objects that can be included in the rustic style decoration.

The chimney is of course an indispensable complement. Thanks to it you can create spaces of rest, conversation and welcome. Accompany these charming corners with sofas covered in colors. All the rustic accessories that you add should have some relation with the nature or the forest.

But do not overload it, and avoid placing decorative objects that are only made of wood, since the impression could be too "natural", dark, and in the end you will not feel at ease and you will not really get a rustic style decoration.

The decoration on walls and floors

The walls can be constructed of clear stones, with some vertical bars of wood based on oak, pine, ebony. If you can not install stone, opt for pastel-colored paintings such as apple green, blue, or more garish colors such as burgundy red or almond green. For a rustic design and in addition that contains a simple nature you can use boxes or cabinets of wood that emulate this style.

The floor can be made of baked earth, or stoneware, to give more warmth to the entrance of the house, and unite access to nearby rooms such as the bathroom or kitchen. You can place a rustic rug based on natural fibers and with ethnic prints, but above all that present natural or neutral colors.

A rustic style is not something innovative, but a return to the fundamental principles of traditional life. These pictures of rustic interiors can help you to present a new way of life and for little money. Just take some imagination to make the home a warmer and more welcoming place.

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